Vinda Soft Pack Tissue Dispenser

Vinda Soft Pack Tissue Dispenser

Soft Pack Tissue Dispenser

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This is the description of Vinda Soft Pack Tissue Dispenser
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Vinda AFH 130g 2ply Toilet Paper VSC4678

3-112*105mm 2ply,
4-Wavy Embossment,
5-Soft & Strong,
6-100% Virgin Wood Pulp,
7-High Temperature Treated,
8-No Fluorescent Additives.

Vinda AFH 280m 2ply Jumbo Roll VSC4642

2-112*95mm 2ply,
3- No Embossing,
4-100% Virgin Wood Pulp,
5-High Temperature Treated,
6-No Fluorescent Additives.

Vinda C/N-fold Hand Towel Dispenser VS9127

C/N-fold Hand Towel Dispenser

Vinda Soft & Strong 50sheets 2ply Lunch Napkin VC1131

2-400*400mm 2ply,1/4,
3-Edge Embossing,
5-100% Virgin Wood Pulp,
6-High Temperature Treated,
7-No Fluorescent Additives.

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